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S e x h o t c h a t

For symbols not covered by those, recourse is taken to the populous languages Standard Chinese, Hindustani, Arabic, and Russian.For sounds still not covered, other smaller but well-known languages are used, such as Swahili, Turkish, and Zulu.It describes the editing community's established practice on some aspect or aspects of Wikipedia's norms and customs.

The foreign languages that are used to illustrate additional sounds are primarily the ones most likely to be familiar to English speakers, French, Standard German, and Spanish.These are here shown on a carrier letter such as the vowel a.A more complete list is given at International Phonetic Alphabet § Diacritics and prosodic notation.Consonant sounds are spoken once followed by a vowel and once between vowels.Several marks can be added above, below, before or after letters.

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Since 1921, 10-squares have been constructed from reduplicated words and phrases like "Alala! Darryl Francis and Dmitri Borgmann succeeded in using near-tautonyms (second- and third-order reduplication) to employ seven different entries by pairing "orangutang" with "urangutang" and "ranga-ranga" with "tanga-tanga", as follows: In 1976, Frank Rubin produced an incomplete ten-square containing two nonsense phrases at the top and eight dictionary words.